Switchy is the Thumela solution to improving hospital switchboard efficiency and improve access to numbers and rosters around the clock.

Designed in collaboration with local IT developers as well as international developers in order to reduce the number of phone calls required and the time taken to contact colleagues for advice and referrals, minimising this frustration and allowing you to focus on the important aspects of patient care.

The Switchy concept has grown to that of an extensive country-wide database, automated to provide the appropriate numbers and rosters for your institution at the click of a button, wherever you are.

Your institution is built on our platform, uploading the staff and physical profiles and their numbers. Associated rosters are also uploaded for each department.

Multiple verification points in the registration process ensure number protection and an ongoing ability for Administrators to change the organisational structure ensure that your numbers remain relevant and up-to-date, minimising incorrect phone calls.

The product is designed to augment switchboards, freeing them up to manage external calls and reducing waiting times.

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