Member Manager

Thumela Member Manager is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical user experience for members of health organisations, ensuring that members get the most out of their organisations.

Why Join Here?

The Thumela Member Manager minimises hassle by allowing you to join and pay for all your health-related organisations through one secure and easy-to-use portal, as well as join conferences and courses. Our payment gateways are top of the range so you do not have to worry about security concerns and payment problems.

Included in our Member Manager is the ability for organisations to manage their very own online forum as well as send bulk emails to all members of their organisation.

Thumela Drive is a document and video cloud storage solution built for healthcare workers. It was developed out of the need for a cloud storage system that is secure and accessible by authorised users only. All of this means you have secure and private access to all the required resources and without fear that another user is going to delete that important document by mistake.

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Organisation Benefits

Our systems are built so that you can focus on your organisation’s goals instead of the admin. Organisations have the benefit of having a secure payment gateway which creates a user database, tracks payments, manages their conferences and all the associated admin that go with it.

Exposure through our Thumela platform ensures your organisation reaches a wider audience and that your organisation is not overlooked by potential members on Thumela.

Ease of payment and our reminders to renew membership will aim to increase your member sign-ups and retention.

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