Career Portal

Built initially for interns and prospective Community Service healthcare workers, our career portal eases the difficult decisions related to applying for placement by giving in-depth information about institutions around the country.

The Career Portal stems from the Medical Officers of South Africa (MOSA) page created by one of our Directors, which facilitates communication between doctors seeking medical officer posts through its platform of knowledge sharing regarding available posts.

Decisions regarding where to apply are highly personal and require being adequately informed. This product will provide you with all the necessary information, through its Institutional Profiles with valuable information regarding the various departments, on-call facilities, general call loads, photographs and videos, accommodation, access, entertainment and restaurants, places of worship, amongst other details.

The extensive user reviews and surveys which have been conducted will be attached to each institution and continually updated to ensure current data, so that you can make an informed decision. Testimonials and Blogs will give extra information and highlight some of the relevant personal experiences of people at that institution.

In order to manage and keep track of institutions of interest, you will be able to Save your Favourites, so it is easy to follow up on your top choices.

In Phase 2, there is even more to be expected:

Vacancies and Applications
Resources for Exams
Support on Curriculum Vitae writing and other important career information and advice
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