The Organisation

Healthcare is a key area of concern in developing countries. In a country such as South Africa, the support of the healthcare system is clearly embodied in its constitution and great strides are being made to develop it. However, many gaps still require filling in this complex system and solutions need to be found to traverse the many challenges faced.

The healthcare sector, understandably, focuses predominantly on the patient; patients are frequently used as the indicators of success or failure during analysis. Unfortunately, this process often leads to the healthcare worker being neglected, with often-underestimated repercussions far beyond the simple struggles of the healthcare worker. By supporting our healthcare worker through removing as many obstacles as possible from their path, we will aid in improving quality of life for our healthcare workers and ultimately, facilitate improved patient care.

A far-reaching and remote area penetrating solution is needed to aid the complex array of system challenges, and thus Thumela was birthed – a technological and 21st century solution to a third world country problem.

Thumela, a Social Benefit Company, aims to use technology to:

  • Bridge gaps created by a geographically fragmented system
  • Relieve the administrative burden placed on healthcare workers
  • Improve access to electronic resources and many more


A fully-functional and efficient healthcare system, where South Africa’s health care workers have extensive knowledge and are supported completely, allowing them to focus on helping their patients.


To use innovation to redefine and transform the status quo in healthcare systems in South Africa, and provide tools for healthcare workers to be educated regardless of location.


At Thumela we strongly value caring for the carer, integrity, transparency and complete privacy.

Meet The Team

Dr. Garrick Barber

Managing Director

Garrick is a full time Medical Doctor working at a DR-TB facility in the Eastern Cape. His passion is technology in healthcare, and using it to improve service delivery

Dr. James Burger

Marketing Director

James is a medical doctor who completed his internship in Port Elizabeth and is doing his community service at Elizabeth Donkin Psychiatric Hospital. He has a special interest in public health and medical education.

Dr. Maggie Swart

Sales Director

Maggie is a medical officer working in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She is passionate about bettering the lives of her fellow health care professionals and her patients.  When it comes to her profession, she enjoys fast-paced medical disciplines with a special preference for trauma and orthopedics.  Her other interests include philosophy, marine biology and politics. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband, her son and their three dogs.

Tom Price

IT Support Director

Tom, who’s grown up in a technological environment foresees the development procedures and ensures that the usability and UI of the applications are efficient and top-notch. With a marketing and accounting degree, he also understands the fundamental cores of optimal functionality for Thumela in exchange for minimal effort and time usage.

Ben Price

Web Design & Development Director

Ben is a company owner, specialising in information technology and all things marketable. He makes use of the IT sector combined with the marketing sector to make businesses work.